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Implications Of Not Wearing Prescription Glasses

shortsigtednessPrescription glasses are specially designed to help you see better. And that being said, you should always wear your glasses while doing important tasks such as, reading, driving, working etc. However, many people with shortsightedness avoid wearing their prescription glasses. Despite the reasoning behind that, not wearing the glasses when you need them, can have serious serious effects in the long term. Here are some of the implications of not wearing your glasses:

Worsens Vision Over Time

Glasses simply help to improve vision, and if you do not wear them, it may cause your vision to grow worse. Long term effects may include incomplete development of your eyes. Getting a very clear image to your retina helps your eyes to grow properly, so when eyesight isn’t very clear, it keeps your eyes from growing as they should be.

Contributes To Eye Strain

This is one of the major side effects of not wearing prescription glasses. It may contribute to fatigue, headaches and eye strain. Although this does not damage your vision permanently, yet it can be extremely uncomfortable. Also spending several hours in front of the television, or working in poor light without wearing glasses can tire your eyes.

Develops Lazy Eye

In case of near-sightedness difficulty seeing far away, the eyes are too strong and they just focus on objects that are very close. It is extremely imperative to wear prescription glasses for this vision to avoid developing lazy eyes, which can easily occur if you do not wear corrective glasses.

Causes Eye Pain

In case of far-sightedness- difficulty seeing very close, the eyes have to work extremely hard to focus on objects which are near, and if you do not wear glasses, it may result in eye pain, fatigue and other long term effects.

So it is extremely indispensable to wear your prescription glasses to keep your eyes strong, healthy and in a good working condition.

Anti-Reflective Coating on Eyeglasses – See the World Clearer and Better

Basically, anti-reflective coating works to reduce reflection or eliminate glare by applying it on the surface of lenses and other optical objects. It allows more light to pass through the lenses to give a much clearer and more enhanced vision possible.

How are We Able to See Objects?

When looking at an object, what is perceived by our eyes is the light that is reflected by the object itself. That is the reason why it is not possible for us to see things in the absence of light. As the light enters the eye, it goes through the cornea and hits a specific spot at the back of your eye, which is the retina. If you are having problems with your vision and need glasses to see clearly, it is because the light is not exactly hitting the retina of your eyes, either your eye may be too short (hyperopia) or too long (myopia), or your cornea is not in the correct form (astigmatism).

Anti-Reflective Coating on Corrective Lenses and Its Benefits

Anti-Reflective Coating on Corrective LensesAnti-reflective coatings are widely used in different applications like on camera lens, solar lens, telescopes, and corrective lenses. More often than not, optometrists prescribe “anti-reflective lenses” to their patients for the reduced reflection makes them look better. These lenses decrease glare, but the reduction is very minimal. However, since it allows slight more light to go through, a considerable increase in visual acuity and contrast is produced. The lenses will look nearly invisible too, which draws more attention to your eyes and helps you have a better eye-contact with others.

Other benefits of this type of lenses include a sharper vision with less glare, especially when you are driving at night. They also provide greater comfort when you are using a computer for a long time. It is to be noted though, to avoid confusion, that when we say anti-reflective, it refers to the reflection coming from the surface of the lens itself. It is not the source of the light that reached the lens. There are many varieties of anti-reflection lenses these days that have additional coating, which make them water or grease resistant. This also makes the lenses much easier to clean.

How the Coating is Applied?

coating lensesA highly technical procedure is needed in order to apply anti-reflective coating to lenses. It actually involves vacuum deposition technology. A productions line is usually a series of washing and rinsing baths, which includes ultrasonic cleaning to eliminate any traces of contaminants on the surface. Air drying and heating of the lenses follow to remove moisture and gases. It is then placed inside the coating chamber that is sealed and air pumped out to create vacuum. Then, the coating materials are bombarded with electrons to create a uniform and ultra thin optical layer on the lens.


How To Tell If Your Sunglasses are UV Protected?

Sunglasses are UV ProtectedSunlight is the primary source of UV light. Too much exposure to UV results in various long-term eye issues. People usually buy sunglasses as a preventive measure to these problems. As much as they may labeled to provide UV protection, most sunglasses do not. For the sunglasses that have reliable safety ratings, their UV protection wears off with time.

How can people tell if their sunglasses are 100% UV protected? This is a question that has troubled many minds. There exists no independent verification of the UV protection claims made by various brands. It is important to note that a higher price provides no guarantee of UV protection. I have tested numerous expensive sunglasses that have claimed to offer 100% UV protection only to bear witness to their shameless deception to the public. Surprisingly enough, I found some relatively cheap glasses, ranging from $8 to $25 offering effective UV protection.

UV flashlightTesting can be one with a simple trick that will require access to a UV flashlight. You can find an affordable UV flashlight online or borrow one. Once you have it, go with it into a darkroom together with the sunglasses and paper money or a credit card. Turn on the flashlight and beam it on the credit card or money. Various strange symbols that you do not usually see in ordinary light will become visible. They include a line on the paper money and letters on credit cards. These are watermarks that the government and banks use to identify counterfeits.

After confirming the appearance of the strange symbols, you can proceed with the testing of your sunglasses. Beam the UV light through one of the lenses and onto the credit card or money. If the symbols are still visible, your glasses are not 100% UV protected. This means the lens is letting the UV light through and as a result, the symbols become noticeable. However, if you cannot see the symbols, the sunglasses offer 100% UV protection. The lens is blocking the UV; hence, the symbols are no longer visible.

Sadly there is little regulation of sunglasses as labelling can be deceptive. Over the years, this test has led me to discover that many expensive sunglasses which are said to provide 100% UV protection do not. I would advise all buyers, if possible, to test their sunglasses at the store. If you have already bought them, return them immediately for a refund.

Are Zenni Optical Glasses Safe? is one of the greatest online vendors and manufacturers who promote high quality frames and glasses. All their sunglasses are anti-UV. You can use zenni promo codes also to save from you purchase. Subscribe to the newsletter and receive a free discount coupon at your email or click the link for more information.

Glasses.Com Review And Available Discount Coupons

Glasses.Com Promo Codes

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These are the most common and most recent coupon codes, however, there are other coupons, which are actually deals that are default in selected designer glasses. You will not be needed to use any code.

What are the current sales on

Just like the coupons, there are also some sales offers, which are available to the customers, but only on specific products or options. They include the following;
30% off
There is a sale offer of 30% off selected glasses at the store. The 30% is placed in random glasses, regardless of the price and brand. However, the most common glasses are the ones that have the offer.
One of the popular glass online stores,, provides you with a number of top notch eye glasses. The good thing about the store is that it allows you to look super elegant, without the need of visiting a high end optician down the street and paying a huge sum of money. You can buy some top brands like ECO, Nike, Eddie Bauer, Oakley, among others. It is under the ownership of Luxottica, a leading eyewear company in the world.

The store has a huge collection of designer brands, which are more than 50 and they come in different size, style and shape. The color will also differ and you will be able to enjoy them, thanks to the codes and sales that are provided. Here is a look at the codes and sales at the store and how much they can be of benefit to you. discounts50% off sales
There are some brands that have the sales offer of 50% off, which means that you can enjoy half the price, without having to use the coupon codes or deals. Some of the brands that have the 50% off sale include, Guess By Marciano – GM139, which goes for about $90. There is also the Oakley Garage Rock, which is also on the 50% off sale. promo45% off
There are a few glasses that have the sale offer of 45% off. They include some of the top brands like the Kensie Stellar, a great option for the oblong face.

20%, 21% and 25 off
These are offers that have been placed in most of the glasses at the store. The offer comes with some top brands like Rivet and Sway, Arabella, Criterion, among others.

What categories of products are these sales refer to?

The sales are placed on some products like men glasses and female glasses. There are some men glasses that are trendy and come with amazing sale offers. The women glasses are also on sales offer, with offers on top brands. There are also categorized in sunglasses and prescribed glasses, so there is really much to choose from the glasses on offer.

What are some specific products that are on sale? What is their price? How much are they discounted?

Some of the glasses that are on sale include the following; codes• Oakley panel. This is a top glass brand that goes at $197, with a 30% off discount, allowing you to save $30. You can add an extra $59 to have lenses included in the frame. This is the highest-priced glass on the sales offer mainly because of its high quality.
• Smith Optics. This is a pair of sunglasses, which are polarized, with a sales offer of 25% off. It goes for $127, which means you will be saving $42, which is a great discount that you can utilize on other products.
There are also other sunglasses and prescribed glasses that you can also enjoy with the sales offer.

Top products I would choose couponsThere are many glasses that are on offer, but my favorite choice would be the Converse Forum and the Smith Optics.
• The Converse Forum. This pair of glass comes with a 49% discount, going at $50, so you will be saving $49. The sunglasses feel comfortable and super fashionable. They have a larger frame and they protect your light from the sun, while making you look elegant.
• Smith Optics. These are a great choice if you want to put on a black or navy blue suit. They come with a 30% off discount, allowing you to save about $40. The frame is elegant and you can also pay some extra fee for the lenses.

About The Company

The store was established officially in 2011, with the headquarters being in Salt Lake City. It offers top brand glasses that come with amazing offers, including free shipping. It has been receiving several updates and as of now it has a mobile app. The app can be used with an iOS device and it allows the client to use their photos to try on a pair of glasses virtually. This makes it quite simple to shop on the online shop because the customers will find it to be very convenient.

How I Choose Glasses From

If you have to wear contact lenses or glasses the costs associated with staying up to date with new prescription glasses or ordering disposable contacts can go as much as hundreds of dollars. After searching among several online sellers I found out that most brands provide discount coupons or accept insurance, but this often can only reduce the total price by 3%. With this kind of prices is not surprising that I kept looking for some cheap alternatives. This is how I found one of these affordable choices online and I decided to purchase Zenni Optical glasses. Zenni coupons was another reason which also encouraged me to buy from this brand.

Zenni Optical features an interactive and easy to use website that allowed me to use my prescription. I found on their online store many different styles of optical glasses to choose from. The prices for eyeglasses on Zenni Optical website are incredible low. They start at only $6.95 and go up to just $46.00. With these exceptional prices I was certain that I can’t go wrong with a purchase of Zenni Optical glasses. 


On Zenni Optical website I could purchase cheap eyeglasses online after providing some specific information from my optometrist, including eyeglasses measurements and their prescription. In order to easily find matching glasses the website features an area called Finding a Correct Size and Fit. There you have all the measurement information needed to order your eyeglasses online. Unless you request them, even your optometrist doesn’t provide all of these measurements. In order to order eyeglasses online I needed to know the distance between my pupils, the length of the lens, frame, temple arm, and bridge. Fortunately, the website provides detailed instructions on how to calculate all these measurements by using your eyeglasses prescription. The website also features an interactive frame fit feature that allowed me to virtually “try on” glasses after uploading one of my photos.

Zenni Optical glasses, despite their very affordable price, come with a solid set of features such as UV protection, thin or lightweight lenses, anti-scratch coating, a microfiber cloth for cleaning lenses and an eyeglasses case included free with every order. I also had the option to purchase anti-reflective coating and select lens tinting. The glasses offered on the website are standard or single vision eyeglasses, as well as bifocal and progressive lenses. For some models of frames available on the website I found out that I could also order clip-on sunshades.

Zenni Optical online store offers excellent discounts on many glasses styles as well as a 50 percent refund return policy within 30 days. There are many pros that made me decide to purchase my Zenni Optical glasses online.


· Design – Zenni Optical features stylish frames and great lens options even if they but don’t offer expensive designer frames.

· Price. Zenni Optical eyeglasses are very cheap compared to the average optical shop and the online store also offers various additional discounts.

· Quality – Zenni Optical eyeglasses feature an excellent quality and durability, with no difference from those purchased from a local eye doctor.

· Simplicity and convenience – the online shop is a simple solution for purchasing your glasses. The website is easy to navigate and you can choose from a number of different styles without to leave the comfort of your home.

· Style – Zenni Optical eyeglasses come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and styles.

Final Word

If you need new glasses your most affordable alternative is shopping online for Zenni Optical eyeglasses. They offer inexpensive yet trendy and stylish choices. Their good quality glasses are very affordable and will be shipped straight to your door. The company also offers outstanding discount offers through coupons and seasonal promos which you can find online. For zenni optical coupons you can visit the homepage and see how to use them effectively.

How To Choose The Right Glasses

choose glassesIt is widely known that online purchases can offer consumers a great deal of savings regardless of the purchase. When faced with the need or desire to replace your eyeglasses, the savings can be quite tempting, but things can go badly quickly if you are not armed with knowledge before making a purchase. The following will provide you with all that you need to know so that your eyeglass purchase meets your prescription and aesthetic needs.

Is Buying Eyeglasses Online Safe? What About Zenni Optical Coupons?

It is absolutely safe to purchase your eyeglasses online with zenni promo codes. You will simply need to find a trusted and reputable online retailer, like or, that will deliver you with the quality and variety that you require and desire. It goes without saying that it is different when purchasing tailored items such as prescription glasses as compared to “off the shelf” products. You will need to ensure that before making your purchase you have your most recent prescription at hand so that the proper information can be input into the retailers system. Zenni promo codes usually drop the price by 10%. However there are deals that can drop the cost up to 50%.

Reputable retailers will expressly verify your prescription. Should there be a discrepancy, it will be remedied swiftly. Each prescription will be checked for quality by a control staff who are there to ensure that only the best of quality and design are delivered to you.

Is My Prescription Valid?

opticianIn order to order your eyeglasses online, you must have your most recent prescription. Should you find yourself without a prescription, or you have not had a new exam in quite a while, you will need to schedule an appointment post haste. As a general rule of thumb, an eye exam needs to be had every two years, if you have exceeded this time frame, schedule an appointment today.

A scheduled optical exam will not only provide you with a prescription for your impending purchase, but your general eye health will be verified. There are a variety of health problems that are able to be detected through an exam conducted via an optician.

Here is a simple guide showing how to read your prescription:

Get Your Prescription

You will need to keep in mind that it is illegal for a physician to deny you access to any portion of your medical records. There are opticians that will attempt to intimidate you out of leaving their office with your prescription in hand. This is only due to them wanting to secure the maximum amount of funds from you. They are truly fearful that you will purchase your eyewear elsewhere. You have just had your eyes tested but your optician won’t give you a copy of your prescription for the fear of you not buying glasses from them?

Why Should you Choose Thin Lenses?

thin or fat lensesAlthough standard lenses are perfectly suitable for low prescriptions, they can become quite bulky and uncomfortable the greater a prescription is. For those that have higher prescriptions, it is widely recommended that thin lenses be chosen as you place your order. High index/thin lens options offer consumers a reduction of weight on the bridge of their nose as well as behind the ears. Afford yourself with a much more comfortable and attractive option while concealing the depths of your optical challenges in details.

Understanding Available Lens Coating

The vast majority of online retailers are able to offer you with anti-reflection, scratch resistance and VV protection coated lenses.

Contact Lenses: Hard Or Soft

myopiaMore than 225 million Americans (75% of the US population) use some kind of visual aid – glasses or contact lenses. From them, around 30 million  wear contact lenses – out of which 65% are women. In some cases, these individuals have found that prescription glasses can be somewhat of a nuisance to keep up with and found contacts to be much more convenient. Theses lenses are available in various forms – namely soft or hard. Its important that you know a little background on both so that you can decide which is best for you.

The Background Of Contacts

As surprising as it may be, the idea of contact lenses was first cultivated by Leonardo Di Vinci in the 1500s, however, they were not officially developed until 1970. Researchers were able to create visual aids that were both practical and affordable. GP lenses, also known as rigid gas-permeable lenses and soft lenses are the most common forms of lenses today.

Hard Lenses

hard vs sof tHard lenses were originally composed of glass. As time progressed, researchers developed a plastic that would be less likely to shatter. Though this plastic, known as PMMA, was less fragile than glass, they were difficult to wear because they didn’t allow for proper air flow. Today’s hard contacts, rigid gas-permeable lenses, are made up of silicon which not only makes them more flexible but also allows the eye to breathe.

Soft Lenses

Soft contacts are considered to be the most popular lenses. Many consider them to be more comfortable than rigid lenses because they have the ability to absorb more water. For new contact wearers, soft lenses also offer a quicker adjustment period than hard ones. These lenses offer a variety of different colors.

Which Is Best For You?

lensesBoth types offer several benefits. Hard contacts are unique in that they can be customized in order to fit the individual. Technician can consider the specific shape of your corneas as well as your eye curvatures. Both of these factors will help to make your vision much more crisp in comparison to the soft lenses. However, one must also consider the downside to wearing hard lenses. There are several wearers note that in order to feel comfortable, they must be broken in and this adjustment may take a while. Also, if you were to go back to wearing your glasses and then switch back to your hard contacts, your eyes will have to readjust to them once again.

Soft contacts have their pros and cons also. They are considered much easier to adapt to. This is due to the fact that they can hold up to 80% more moisture than the hard lenses. Another advantage is that soft lenses make it easier for the user to switch back and forth between contacts and prescription glasses. However, one must also consider they fact that soft lenses are disposable which means they may be more costly due to the constant investment they require. Though some consider their disposable nature to mean there is less maintenance involved.

The Verdict

Both the hard and soft lenses serve to correct astigmatisms. If you would like to invest in lenses that offer sharper vision and okay with the idea of a long adjustment period, then you should consider buying hard lenses. However, if you are more interested in comfort and don’t mind investing in disposable lenses, then you should consider soft contacts.

Things To Be Considered Before Buying Sunglasses

zenni sunglassesBuying sunglasses is really an exciting experience as you are going to add another lovely accessory in your wardrobe to adore your trendy outfits. But wait, have you planned your strategy of purchasing sunglasses well? Have you done your research for reliable sunglasses sellers, promotions or discount coupons? If not, this article will help you now. Actually, sunglasses are counted in the list of those important accessories that don’t only enhance your beauty but also protect your eyes from sunlight, wrinkles and skin cancer. After reading the points given below for selection of sunglasses, you will stop taking this extensive eye accessory just as a fashion-ware. So check out the points mentioned here that should be taken under consideration earlier than investing your money on expensive sunglasses.

Vision and comfort

try zenni opticsComfort comes at the foremost position when it comes upon shopping of eye-wears. Whether you are going to buy sunglasses for an adventure trip or you want something different and latest to add in your fashion wardrobe, comfortable approach comes at the top always. No matter, what brand, what design and what frame you choose in sunglasses, you should try them by wearing in the store for about half an hour to be assured about good vision and comfort.

Always choose light and well fitted frames as heavy frames can cause headache when you wear them for long time. This point should be kept on mind more when you are choosing a frame for regular eye-ware. Titanium frames can be a good choice for the reason they are non-corrosive, durable, flexible and light weight. Also these frames are hypoallergenic offering a longer lifespan to those who want to use the glasses regularly.

Material and lenses

polarized-lensThe material of sunglasses should also be selected wisely while shopping of these products. Many people love to purchase polarized lenses but if you are doing so by thinking that those lenses help in UV protection, you are wrong. These lenses work by absorption of light waves that causes reduction of glare. In this way, these lenses offer clear vision but not UV protection. On the other hand, tinted lenses offer special benefits according to their tint shade. For instance, grey lenses reduce darkness without distorting colors. Similarly, green lenses reduce glare and helps in better contrast between objects.

Some people think that darker the lenses, more the sunglasses protect will protect eyes. Actually, this is a myth; it is important to know that tint or shade of the lens has no relation with the intensity of UV protection. Regular eyeglasses that have been designed specially to protect eyes can offer better results than a darker pair of eyeglasses. High quality materials, apart from the brand, can raise the price pretty high. That’s why you should search online for promotional offers e.g. a zenni optics coupon and have a discount on your order. So, keep this thing on mind next time when you go for shopping of sunglasses.

Shape, size and shade

Here is what comes over the appearance. Whenever you choose an eye-ware, it is important to determine particular shape and size of the same to suit on your face. A wide variety of shapes and frame size is available in market today such as oval, round, angular frames, curved frames and so on out of which you can choose a design that looks beautiful on your face. You can also get advice from professionals to determine that what shape and size of eyeglasses will look good on you.

zenni optics sunglassesNext comes upon the shade. Here again it’s up to you that what shade you choose but always remember that shade of the product not only decides it’s color but also offer you particular benefits. For example, yellow colored glasses offer sharpness to images but causes distortion of colors too. Rose lenses are good choice for those who are shopping for water sports and outdoor activities.


As it has been discussed above that the shade of your sunglasses never ensures more protection against UV light. This is why, you should always check whether the product you are going to purchase offers extensive protection to your eyes or not. Protection cannot be ever compromised when it comes upon eyes because lack of UV security can cause dilation of pupils, more exposure of iris to UV rays. You can even get your eye-wares tested at the office of ophthalmologist to clear your doubts.

So, you know well about the important points you should take care while shopping of sunglasses. These are some basic but effective things that will help you to choose the best suitable product. Also, you should understand now that a good and durable product needs not to be invested lots of your money on it. You can get the best eye-ware even within a reasonable range under your budget.

What Contact Lenses Should An Athlete Use?

Anderson SilvaDid you know that Anderson Silva, LeBron James, and other athletic idols wear LASIK, contact lenses, or glasses? There are many reasons that an athlete would wear lenses and glasses, a major one being necessity. To solve this need, athletes need to be keen when choosing contact lenses.

lebronWhen considering the ideal lens for a sportsperson, features such as replacement, handling, comfort, resistance to dust, safety, and durability come to the mind immediately. The truth is that no lens can accommodate all these requirements, so the challenge for a sportsperson is choosing the best lens for a particular sport.

Lens Options

There are many types of lenses that can improve the visual acuity of an athlete. Some of them are listed below:
1. Gas Permeable
2. Toric
3. Hybrid
4. Aspheric
5. Spherical

Contrast Sensitivity

contac lenses for sportsSome athletes may also look to correct their contrast sensitivity using contact lenses. A sport like baseball requires participants to see the ball against various backgrounds, for example dirt, grass, or the sky. To remedy such a problem, an athlete may use a higher modulus lens or a correcting cylinder.

Lens Movement and Debris Shield

baseballAthletes should not wear gas permeable contact lenses because factors such as debris prevention and lens movement are critical in a sporting activity. Athletes can use hybrid lenses and get the benefits of both soft lenses and gas permeable lenses. Hybrid lenses are comfortable and have quality vision.

Presbyopia Correction

soccerAthletes who suffer from presbyopia can choose from various lens options. If the condition is still early, the athlete can wear aspheric lenses. For more advanced cases of the condition, the athlete can consider several multifocal contact lenses including hybrid, concentric, and annular lenses. These lenses are available in gas permeable, hybrid and soft materials.

Athletes in competitive sports can do anything to excel in their disciplines. Flawless vision is a very critical factor in performance. Contact lenses can enhance the vision of athletes by correcting common visual conditions. Choosing lenses that are both comfortable and functional will yield success in the field.