Implications Of Not Wearing Prescription Glasses

Prescription glasses are specially designed to help you see better. And that being said, you should always wear your glasses while doing important tasks such as, reading, driving, working etc. However, many people with shortsightedness avoid wearing their prescription glasses. Despite the reasoning behind that, not wearing the glasses when you need them, can have serious serious effects in the long term. Here are some of the implications of not wearing your glasses:

How To Choose The Right Glasses

It is widely known that online purchases can offer consumers a great deal of savings regardless of the purchase. When faced with the need or desire to replace your eyeglasses, the savings can be quite tempting, but things can go badly quickly if you are not armed with knowledge before making a purchase. The following will provide you with all that you need to know so that your eyeglass purchase meets your prescription and aesthetic needs.

What Contact Lenses Should An Athlete Use?

Did you know that Anderson Silva, LeBron James, and other athletic idols wear LASIK, contact lenses, or glasses? There are many reasons that an athlete would wear lenses and glasses, a major one being necessity. To solve this need, athletes need to be keen when choosing contact lenses.

When considering the ideal lens for a sportsperson, features such as replacement, handling, comfort, resistance to dust, safety, and durability come to the mind immediately. The truth is that no lens can accommodate all these requirements, so the challenge for a sportsperson is choosing the best lens for a particular sport.

Six Reasons You Should Avoid Cheap Prescription Glasses

Humans function at optimum levels and produce the best results when the mind, soul and body is healthy. The health of our bodies hugely depends on the type of care we give habitually. Our eyes are susceptible to a lot of conditions which require different remedies. One of the remedies after tests might be the recommendation of prescription glasses. Due to misconceptions and no guidance most people will purchase any type of glasses and mostly depending on the budget. It is absolutely vital that you are aware of the dangers of cheap prescription glasses.

Contact Lenses: Hard Or Soft

More than 225 million Americans (75% of the US population) use some kind of visual aid – glasses or contact lenses. From them, around 30 million wear contact lenses – out of which 65% are women. In some cases, these individuals have found that prescription glasses can be somewhat of a nuisance to keep up with and found contacts to be much more convenient. Theses lenses are available in various forms – namely soft or hard. Its important that you know a little background on both so that you can decide which is best for you.

Things To Be Considered Before Buying Sunglasses

Buying sunglasses is really an exciting experience as you are going to add another lovely accessory in your wardrobe to adore your trendy outfits. But wait, have you planned your strategy of purchasing sunglasses well? Have you done your research for reliable sunglasses sellers, promotions or discount coupons? If not, this article will help you now. Actually, sunglasses are counted in the list of those important accessories that don’t only enhance your beauty but also protect your eyes from sunlight, wrinkles and skin cancer. After reading the points given below for selection of sunglasses, you will stop taking this extensive eye accessory just as a fashion-ware. So check out the points mentioned here that should be taken under consideration earlier than investing your money on expensive sunglasses.

How To Tell If Your Sunglasses are UV Protected?

Sunlight is the primary source of UV light and the number one reason behind skin aging. Too much exposure to UV results in various long-term eye issues as well. People usually buy sunglasses as a preventive measure to these problems. As much as they may labeled to provide UV protection, most sunglasses do not. For the sunglasses that have reliable safety ratings, their UV protection wears off with time.

How can people tell if their sunglasses are 100% UV protected?