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60% Off Lenses & Add Ons With Qualifying Purchase of Ray-Ban, Gucci, Oakley and Costa Rx Eyeglasses AND Ray-Ban and Gucci Rx Sunglasses


60% Off Lenses & Add Ons With Qualifying Purchase of Ray-Ban, Gucci, Oakley and Costa Rx Eyeglasses AND Ray-Ban and Gucci Rx Sunglasses


Save 50% Off Lenses When You Buy Eyeglasses or Rx Sunglasses PLUS Free U.S. Shipping!


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frames direct promo codes

My Experience Buying Prescription Glasses Cheaper With A FramesDirect Discount Coupon

Normally when I decide to buy prescription glasses, I will just have my prescription filled at a department store. This time, however, was different: the weather was quite severe and I was not in the mood to drive during thunderstorms just to buy my glasses. So I decided it would probably be a much better idea to order my glasses online than to risk driving. It took me a while to find a site I was comfortable with, but after a few hours’ searching, I found

I have to admit that even though everything looked and sounded great to me, I was still a little bit unsure of myself. I’ve actually been taken for a ride by other sites before when I’ve tried to buy things. So it wouldn’t have surprised me at all to find that I never received my order and would have to fight to get an answer from customer service. In fact, I was kind of expecting things to go really bad because of what’s happened to me before.

But they amazed me. FramesDirect only charged me as much as my order cost. They actually shipped my glasses and provided me with a tracking number. Within a few days’ time, my glasses had been delivered! I’m extremely impressed that they did exactly what their web site claimed they would do. I do not think I will ever resort to buying non-designer glasses ever again. I know that I will never end up using another web site- they have won me over completely!

One of the first things that made me interested in their site was: they were founded in 1996 by a pair of doctors. When a company has been in business for that long and they were created by someone in the medical field, I do believe they can be trusted. I knew they weren’t going to be one of those companies that make great promises, but never show you what they have available, or explain how they work. This company is completely transparent about what they do and how they do it, which is something I appreciate a great deal.

Something else that impressed me was the fact that sells designer glasses. Because I’m a little on the vain side, I figured I would end up paying an extremely high price for the cute little peach Versace VE1175B glasses. I was completely mistaken, which I couldn’t have been happier about! While the glasses I bought normally go for $212, I found them on sale for sixty percent off! If you need to get prescription contacts or glasses, FramesDirect is currently offering free shipping, as well as up to 30% off some of the most popular glasses and contacts they offer! It’s amazing, because I’m talking about brands like Prada, Versace and Burberry- brands that you would usually end up spending a small fortune on!

If you’re anything like I am, you’re always looking for a way to save money on something special, like using a discount code. Even though most people don’t want to admit it, glasses are pretty special, because not only do they make it so we can see, but they can also make us look really cute, depending on what style of frames we want to wear.

Price and Discount Coupons

So I’m pretty happy to let you know that has coupon codes online. If you like some of the fancier designers like I do, they’ve got codes for 20% off certain designers, like Prada. You can also get 15% off of your first order, a 15% discount and free shipping for sunglasses. There’s even a special frames direct coupon code that will let you have free shipping on contacts, too!

Something that I find even more impressive about the company is that I can even buy glasses for my daughter. I figured they would probably only carry adult sizes and styles, because most companies simply don’t cater to children. However, they offer some of the absolute cutest glasses for kids, too- and they’re extremely cheap! I also found a zenni optical promo code at this page

Now, I don’t usually wear contacts because I’m not that good at putting them in or taking them out. But FramesDirect even carries some contact brands I’ve heard of before- brands that can be trusted by everyone who wears contacts, like Acuvue, Dailies and Expressions.