How To Choose Glasses From

If you have to wear contact lenses or glasses the costs associated with staying up to date with new prescription glasses or ordering disposable contacts can go as much as hundreds of dollars. After searching among several online sellers I found out that most brands provide discount coupons or accept insurance, but this often can only reduce the total price by 3%. With this kind of prices is not surprising that I kept looking for some cheap alternatives. This is how I found one of these affordable choices online and I decided to purchase Zenni Optical glasses. Zenni coupons was another reason which also encouraged me to buy from this brand.

Zenni Optical features an interactive and easy to use website that allowed me to use my prescription. I found on their online store many different styles of optical glasses to choose from. The prices for eyeglasses on Zenni Optical website are incredible low. They start at only $6.95 and go up to just $46.00. With these exceptional prices I was certain that I can’t go wrong with a purchase of Zenni Optical glasses.


On Zenni Optical website I could purchase cheap eyeglasses online after providing some specific information from my optometrist, including eyeglasses measurements and their prescription. In order to easily find matching glasses the website features an area called Finding a Correct Size and Fit. There you have all the measurement information needed to order your eyeglasses online. Unless you request them, even your optometrist doesn’t provide all of these measurements. In order to order eyeglasses online I needed to know the distance between my pupils, the length of the lens, frame, temple arm, and bridge. Fortunately, the website provides detailed instructions on how to calculate all these measurements by using your eyeglasses prescription. The website also features an interactive frame fit feature that allowed me to virtually “try on” glasses after uploading one of my photos.

Zenni Optical glasses, despite their very affordable price, come with a solid set of features such as UV protection, thin or lightweight lenses, anti-scratch coating, a microfiber cloth for cleaning lenses and an eyeglasses case included free with every order. I also had the option to purchase anti-reflective coating and select lens tinting. The glasses offered on the website are standard or single vision eyeglasses, as well as bifocal and progressive lenses. For some models of frames available on the website I found out that I could also order clip-on sunshades.

Zenni Optical online store offers excellent discounts on many glasses styles as well as a 50 percent refund return policy within 30 days. There are many pros that made me decide to purchase my Zenni Optical glasses online.


· Design – Zenni Optical features stylish frames and great lens options even if they but don’t offer expensive designer frames.

· Price. Zenni Optical eyeglasses are very cheap compared to the average optical shop and the online store also offers various additional discounts.

· Quality – Zenni Optical eyeglasses feature an excellent quality and durability, with no difference from those purchased from a local eye doctor.

· Simplicity and convenience – the online shop is a simple solution for purchasing your glasses. The website is easy to navigate and you can choose from a number of different styles without to leave the comfort of your home.

· Style – Zenni Optical eyeglasses come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and styles.

Final Word

If you need new glasses your most affordable alternative is shopping online for Zenni Optical eyeglasses. They offer inexpensive yet trendy and stylish choices. Their good quality glasses are very affordable and will be shipped straight to your door. The company also offers outstanding discount offers through coupons and seasonal promos which you can find online. For zenni optical coupons you can visit the homepage and see how to use them effectively.