How To Choose The Right Glasses

It is widely known that online purchases can offer consumers a great deal of savings regardless of the purchase. When faced with the need or desire to replace your eyeglasses, the savings can be quite tempting, but things can go badly quickly if you are not armed with knowledge before making a purchase. The following will provide you with all that you need to know so that your eyeglass purchase meets your prescription and aesthetic needs.

Is Buying Eyeglasses Online Safe? What About Frames Direct Coupons?

It is absolutely safe to purchase your eyeglasses online using a framesdirect coupon. You will simply need to find a trusted and reputable online retailer, like or, that will deliver you with the quality and variety that you require and desire. It goes without saying that it is different when purchasing tailored items such as prescription glasses as compared to “off the shelf” products. You will need to ensure that before making your purchase you have your most recent prescription at hand so that the proper information can be input into the retailers system. Frames Direct promo codes usually drop the price by 10%. However there are deals that can drop the cost up to 50%.

Reputable retailers will expressly verify your prescription. Should there be a discrepancy, it will be remedied swiftly. Each prescription will be checked for quality by a control staff who are there to ensure that only the best of quality and design are delivered to you.

Is My Prescription Valid?

In order to order your eyeglasses online, you must have your most recent prescription. Should you find yourself without a prescription, or you have not had a new exam in quite a while, you will need to schedule an appointment post haste. As a general rule of thumb, an eye exam needs to be had every two years, if you have exceeded this time frame, schedule an appointment today.

A scheduled optical exam will not only provide you with a prescription for your impending purchase, but your general eye health will be verified. There are a variety of health problems that are able to be detected through an exam conducted via an optician.

Here is a simple guide showing how to read your prescription:

Get Your Prescription

You will need to keep in mind that it is illegal for a physician to deny you access to any portion of your medical records. There are opticians that will attempt to intimidate you out of leaving their office with your prescription in hand. This is only due to them wanting to secure the maximum amount of funds from you. They are truly fearful that you will purchase your eyewear elsewhere. You have just had your eyes tested but your optician won’t give you a copy of your prescription for the fear of you not buying glasses from them?

Why Should you Choose Thin Lenses?

Although standard lenses are perfectly suitable for low prescriptions, they can become quite bulky and uncomfortable the greater a prescription is. For those that have higher prescriptions, it is widely recommended that thin lenses be chosen as you place your order. High index/thin lens options offer consumers a reduction of weight on the bridge of their nose as well as behind the ears. Afford yourself with a much more comfortable and attractive option while concealing the depths of your optical challenges in details.

Understanding Available Lens Coating

The vast majority of online retailers are able to offer you with anti-reflection, scratch resistance and VV protection coated lenses.