Risks Associated With Online Eye Checkup

With the current world of new and advanced technology in all sectors of the society, new methods of dealing with problems are being designed and implemented. It is of special interest that in the medical sector, enhanced methods of eye checking have come up where patients can now check for their eye problems online with just a few clicks. It makes work much easier as a patient does not have to make visits to the optometrist every now and then to do a simple eye check up therefore proving to be convenient and boosting financial savings.

Opernative is one of the companies that provides online eye check ups and it strongly defends this telehealth stating that it is very safe. They explain that the procedure takes about 15 minutes or even less all depending on the nature of the eye problem. The patient is asked to explain what they see on the computer screen while standing 10 feet away. This is aided by the use of a smart phone as a remote control. After successful diagnosis, the patient is prescribed either glasses or contact lenses all depending on the nature of the illness or disease. However, this is only done after previous prescriptions have been analyzed and test results reviewed to check for any previous condition. The procedure only costs 40$ for the prescription of glasses or contact lenses and 60$ for both. This is very low and favorable to patients as compared to 127$ that will be charged when a patient gets physically tested by an optometrist.

On the other hand, this new telehealth has now gained much attention to lawmakers and other health practitioners. It has been stated that online eye check up may cause some health problems to a patient as it does not provide very accurate results. Personal appearance of a patient is necessary as other medical problems can be detected along the way when a check up is being conducted. This is in order to promote a patient’s health and provide proper diagnosis of infections. Pressure and the basic health of the eye is checked so that conditions that might have developed are detected as soon as possible so as to avoid future severe damages.

States in the U.S have regulated online eye check ups stating that they must meet consumer protection standards. It has been found that lenses that are not properly fit to a patient’s eye can cause serious damages that might permanently alter eyesight.

Clinical technologies like Opernative are seen as a threat to humans by optometrists and state officials and therefore they are not allowed to provide any low-cost services to patients. They are deemed to be inconvenient and unsafe. If telehealth becomes an adopted method of providing medical diagnosis and treatment, many patients will have illnesses undetected and this will worsen their health conditions thus making them more vulnerable to contraction of other diseases. Online tests provide refraction experiments to see if a patient is fit to put on glasses or contact lenses, but another condition can arise which will not be detected soon enough thus proving this treatment as dangerous and unsafe.