Six Reasons You Should Avoid Cheap Prescription Glasses

Humans function at optimum levels and produce the best results when the mind, soul and body is healthy. The health of our bodies hugely depends on the type of care we give habitually. Our eyes are susceptible to a lot of conditions which require different remedies. One of the remedies after tests might be the recommendation of prescription glasses. Due to misconceptions and no guidance most people will purchase any type of glasses and mostly depending on the budget. It is absolutely vital that you are aware of the dangers of cheap prescription glasses.

1. Eye strain, headaches and dizziness

When purchasing prescription glasses you aim to alleviate your eye problem. Cheap glasses might cause you more problems. It has been reported that defective glasses could lead to headaches, eye strain and might induce dizziness.

2. Low Quality

In order to produce a product that is significantly cheaper, you have to cut costs along the way. Cutting costs can come in form of for example cheap build materials. Low quality build material might easily break and even cause damage on your body.

3. No personalization

When you purchase your prescription glasses online, you don’t get the personalization like fitting that you would get from a brick and mortar shop. You also won’t get an informed opinion from a qualified optician.

4. No Guarantee

There is no guarantee that the glasses you get will be to your satisfaction. They might be a wrong fit, the seller might close shop, look different from the pictures online and many other variables. These type of problems cannot occur when you shop from a reputable optical shop.

5. No Improvement in Eyesight

Although you bought the glasses to improve your eyesight, cheap glasses will not achieve this objective. Some might actually make it worse since they are not designed and built for treating any condition. If this is the case, it will be a waste of time and money.

6. More grave health problems

Apart from the headaches and eye strain that we mentioned earlier, cheap eye glasses have the potential to cause even more harm. The cheap build material can for example lead to skin infections or irritation. Other problems may even require eye surgery to be treated.

You should also be careful of the glasses that are sold by some of the top online optical businesses. Just because some glasses are sold by a popular online site does not mean that they are genuine. Experts who conducted tests on a sample of glasses from some famous optical companies found out that more than 30% of the glasses failed to meet the required standards. Unfortunately this is the norm in many areas and this is one case where the consumers have to arm themselves with knowledge of what they are getting into.

These are some of the risks that might face when you purchase cheap glasses. Sure, not everybody has a big budget to blow but you should give your eyesight top consideration. The eyes are very sensitive and any damage cause can be irreparable. Always consult with your optician on every problem or decision you make regarding your eyes.