What Contact Lenses Should An Athlete Use?

Did you know that Anderson Silva, LeBron James, and other athletic idols wear LASIK, contact lenses, or glasses? There are many reasons that an athlete would wear lenses and glasses, a major one being necessity. To solve this need, athletes need to be keen when choosing contact lenses.

When considering the ideal lens for a sportsperson, features such as replacement, handling, comfort, resistance to dust, safety, and durability come to the mind immediately. The truth is that no lens can accommodate all these requirements, so the challenge for a sportsperson is choosing the best lens for a particular sport.

Lens Options

There are many types of lenses that can improve the visual acuity of an athlete. Some of them are listed below:
1. Gas Permeable
2. Toric
3. Hybrid
4. Aspheric
5. Spherical

Contrast Sensitivity

Some athletes may also look to correct their contrast sensitivity using contact lenses. A sport like baseball requires participants to see the ball against various backgrounds, for example dirt, grass, or the sky. To remedy such a problem, an athlete may use a higher modulus lens or a correcting cylinder.

Lens Movement and Debris Shield

Athletes should not wear gas permeable contact lenses because factors such as debris prevention and lens movement are critical in a sporting activity. Athletes can use hybrid lenses and get the benefits of both soft lenses and gas permeable lenses. Hybrid lenses are comfortable and have quality vision.

Presbyopia Correction

Athletes who suffer from presbyopia can choose from various lens options. If the condition is still early, the athlete can wear aspheric lenses. For more advanced cases of the condition, the athlete can consider several multifocal contact lenses including hybrid, concentric, and annular lenses. These lenses are available in gas permeable, hybrid and soft materials.

Athletes in competitive sports can do anything to excel in their disciplines. Flawless vision is a very critical factor in performance. Contact lenses can enhance the vision of athletes by correcting common visual conditions. Choosing lenses that are both comfortable and functional will yield success in the field.