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Zenni Optical Promo Codes

Coupons For Zenni Optical are special bargains which give you a discount at the time of your purchase. There are also 10% off deals that will apply at your next order. These promo codes are provided by zennioptical.com.

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My Personal Experience With Zenni and Their Discount Promo Codes

As a programmer, I have to spend most of my time in front of the computer and that has taken its toll on my eyesight. Therefore, a good pair of eye-glasses is necessary for my everyday routine. Since I tend to either lose or drop my eyeglasses frequently, I have learned the hard way that I need not only eye glasses that are good looking, but also durable. So, I have been looking for websites where I can find durable, good looking, and at the same, affordable eye glasses. One website that left me a good impression is zennioptical.com.

I stumbled upon zennioptical.com after I read the positive reviews of Zenni Optical on yelp.com and resellerratings.com. I always read reviews before I buy any product. Most of the reviews were positive and only a couple of people complained of the transportation service. However, I didn’t have any problems with the products nor with the customer service.

You can see more details on the video below:

What Does The Company Offer

Zennioptical.com offers a variety of eyeglasses: full rim metal, full rim plastic, full rim eyeglasses made of mixed materials, half rim glasses, rimless, sunshades and eyeglasses for athletes, women, men and children. The price for these eyeglasses range from $15 to $25. I prefer different eyeglasses for different occasions, so I use a pair of full rim metal eyeglasses at work and a pair of glasses of full rim mixed materials when I go out with friends, which are more elegant and more appropriate. The great thing is that even for such low prices, the company offers you the options to use a coupon code at checkout and get a discount. Amazing, isn’t?

As I’ve said, I often break my eyeglasses; therefore, a pair of eyeglasses made of metal is important to me, for metal is more durable. A pair of full rim metal eyeglasses cost around $25, but there are many discounts on zennioptical’s eyeglasses. With the right zenni optical promo code from a coupon site like retailmenot.com, I bought my favorite pairs of eyeglasses for $23.

Besides their regular discount codes, they give many seasonal promotions, such as a 30% off of the price of every product, buy 2 eyeglasses get three, fingerprint free lenses, glasses at $6 with free extras, progressive lens frames for $6, etc that you can find at spring time. With a couple of zenni coupons, I bought two high quality pairs of eyeglasses, for which the price at other shops is twice the price at zennioptical.com.

My experience with Zenni optical’s eyeglasses

I bought the stainless Steel Full-rim Frame with Spring Hinges eyeglasses to use at work. They are made of hypoallergenic stainless steel that doesn’t rust on rain. The stainless Steel Full-rim Frame have silicon adjustable nose pads that prevent the metal from pinching my nose. With the silicon adjustable nose pads, I don’t feel the frames on my face; it feels as if I am not wearing any glasses. With its two tone design, these eyeglasses are not only comfortable, but also very stylish. I receive compliments on my stylish eyeglasses regularly from my colleagues.

The original price of these eyeglasses is $25. With the zenni optical promo code 20% off, I bought these eyeglasses for $19. I like this pair of eyeglasses because they give me the professional look, I am looking for. Also, the glasses are made of high quality metal that doesn’t break easily. Another reason, I bought this eyeglasses: I lost my previous eyeglasses that had the same characteristics as these ones and they served me well for years.

Zenni optical’s free online services

Another thing that left me a good impression on zennioptical’s website: the “How to measure your pupillary distance” video. Most shops charge to measure your pupillary distance, which in most cases it is a good idea for a professional using a certified equipment to measure your pupilary distance more accurately. But for people who are without medical insurance as I am, getting my pupillary distance measured by a professional is a luxury I cannot afford. With zennioptical.com’s video I measured my P.D. myself.

Tutorial Videos

Zennioptical’s professionals offer a “how to” video on how to change your lenses on a pair of glasses in a full-rim frame and on a pair of glasses in a half rim frame with only a tiny screwdriver. I often go hiking and sometimes an accident happens that damages my eyeglasses and for me these tutorials are extremely helpful. There are also videos showing where to find and how to use the proper zenni coupons or other seasonal offers.

Simulation For Trying Glasses On

zenni couponsAs choosing the proper eyeglasses that fit your face perfectly without a mirror is hard, zennioptical.com has taken that into consideration. On their website, there is the option to upload a picture of yourself while you look over the offered eyeglasses. When you put the cursor over a pair of eyeglasses, you get a preview of how a pair of eyeglasses look on your face in the picture that you have previously uploaded.

Step By Step Selection Process

What I personally like is the Zenni quiz for frames, which helps me determine the frame of my eyeglasses according to my personality, style, how I spend my free time, my favorite time of the year, the shape of my face, etc. As I am personally a picky person, I often rely on other people’s opinion before I buy anything. With Zenni’s quiz, I get a second opinion and an opinion from a professional. Of course, their discount coupon policy is a strong motivation, too.

The pros of Zenni optical:

1. Various modern frames for glasses for an affordable price.
2. Easy to use website with lots of options that allows you to choose the perfect frame for you.
3. Frames available for men, women, and children.
4. How to videos that save you money and allow you to buy glasses even if you are broke.
5. Many coupons, discounts, and promo codes available that make the glasses very affordable.

The cons of Zenni optical

1. Some people have complained of receiving broken eyeglasses. I personally didn’t receive broken eyeglasses from Zenni Optical. But, that is, the case with many businesses that offer transportation services. As usual, it isn’t the manufacturer’s fault. I have received damaged products from Amazon, Ebay and other famous online shops, so I don’t think one shouldn’t buy from Zenni’s Optical because of another person’s fault, such as the firm that does the transportation for Zenni Optical. The company gives a refund and if necessary they switch the broken pair of glasses.

2. The order is usually late. Zenni says that they send your order in 7-14 days; unfortunately, that is usually not the case.

In any case, Zenni’s optical service is good, but not perfect. If you can’t afford or if you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars for a pair of glasses, then it is a good choice. Their offer of glasses is great for a very affordable price and with lots of discounts and coupons. My personal experience with Zenni Optical is good, so I think that buying glasses from them is a good bargain.

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